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Yoga Hosers

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Colleen Colleen Collette and McKenzie are two common teenage ladies who spend their days finding out yoga with their guru, Yogi Bayer, and works after college at a retailer. The two are invited to a celebration by a well-liked boy in class, Hunter Calloway, which likes a lot of McKenzie. The subsequent day in school, historical past trainer of ladies say that the Nazi Party as soon as had an necessary affect within the Canadian metropolis of Winnipeg.

Taking it as self-proclaimed chief “Canadian EĆ¼hrer” Adrien Arcand and helped by his trusted man, Andronicus Arcane Nazis Canadians was once an vital pressure of terror. Arcand was later arrested by federal authorities, however Andronicus Arcane has by no means been discovered. His father Collette, who owns the store working two daughters, decides to go away his girlfriend on a visit to Niagara Falls, leaving them on the 2 sides to take care of the store mounted the evening to take his social gathering Hunter .

In order to alleviate the struggling of each side, Hunter and his finest pal, Gordon Greenleaf, ladies and make them a shock they go to the shop. McKenzie goes with Hunter in an adjoining room and discovers with horror that some guys are Satanists they plan to kill and dismember them women. Prior to happening this, some little monster generally known as “Bratzis” assault them and kill the 2 boys and the ladies handle to flee utilizing the skills of yoga, however their issues are simply starting.


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