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Youth in Oregon

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Ray (Frank Langella) is an old man who just reaches the venerable age of 80 years and lives with his wife, Estelle (Mary Kay Place), the home of his daughter adult, Kate (Christina Applegate), in turn married to Brian ( Billy Crudup) with whom he has two teenage children – cheerleader Annie (Nicola Peltz) and introvert Nick (Alex Shaffer). In a busy morning, Ray goes to the doctor where there is programming that had heart surgery a few years ago suffered not fully solved the problems encountered. Dr. Ray says he no longer wants to pass again through another surgery and prefers to wait for end of life. That evening, at a party where celebrates the 80th’s birthday, Ray took the floor and shocked everyone with his announcement that he has decided to die and that he wanted to go to Oregon where it owns property and where laws are more permissive regarding euthanasia. The interesting thing is that Ray does not want any nohow to go to Oregon by plane and prefer to get there by car. Believing that he was serious, Brian offers to lead him away on two of his in-laws and the way their relationship is cemented further. Arriving in Salt Lake City, the three meet and estranged son of Ray and Estelle whose relationship is one resentful.


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