21 Bridges

Detective Andre Davis sees the opportunity to redeem himself when he is elected to find the murderers of eight police officers in New York. His plan is bold and historic in the city: close for the first time the 21 bridges that allow you to enter or leave Manhattan. With the island turned into a gigantic cage, Davis and his partner Frankie Burns will discover a conspiracy that involves the high spheres. From that moment, the lines between the cat and the mouse of this chase will become diffuse.
With the support in the production of two masters of the modern blockbuster (the Russo brothers, responsible for the last two installments of Avengers), Manhattan without exit proposes a regression to the police thriller of the 90s, of rough detectives who skip the rules and relentless persecutions full of action and violence. To these ingredients, the second feature film for the big screen of the television set Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones) adds a component never seen: convert, for a few hours, the island of Manhattan into a giant mousetrap. Blame this on Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), who plays a homicide inspector whose plan to capture police murderers involves raising the 21 bridges that connect the heart of New York to the rest of the city. Filmed entirely at night, and with a plot of background corruption that forces the protagonists to move in the gray area of ​​the law, the tape combines spectacular sequences and characters that convey physical and emotional fatigue. Sienna Miller (Living at Night), Taylor Kitsch (Heroes in Hell) and the Oscar-winning J.K. Simmons (The candidate) complete the distribution of this tense and exciting film that takes place practically in real time.

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