47 Meters Down- Uncaged

The teenager Mia moves with her father and her new family to Mexico. Bored, he has to kill time with his stepsister Sasha while his father works as a researcher in an ancient submerged Mayan city. Mia, Sasha and two friends will end up exploring some Mayan caves without supervision. And what looked like any hobby will become an aquatic hell when they discover that they are surrounded by huge white sharks and trapped with hardly any oxygen. The director Johannes Roberts (The Strangers: Night Hunt), horror film expert, repeats the distressing approach of A 47 meters with its sequel. The two young sisters of the first film, trapped under the sea locked in a cage, are replaced at 47 meters 2 by two teenage stepsisters and two friends in a very similar situation of restlessness. Although the argument remains somewhat implausible and not very original, debtor of Shark and all the films derived from series B, At 47 meters 2 it is still entertaining as its predecessor and maintains the distressing tension. On this occasion, the chosen protagonists have been Sophie NĂ©lisse (The book thief) as Mia and as her stepsister Sasha, Corinne Foxx, who will also appear in All-Star Weekend, the next film that will be directed by her famous father, actor Jamie Foxx (Ray) Also participating in the movie Sistine Stallone, one of the three daughters of Sylvester Stallone.

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