6 Days

On April 30, 1980, six Iranian men led by a certain Salim give up at the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, Kensington, London, and host at least 25 people. Major people in all areas, such as SAS members led by Corporal Rusty Firmin, BBC reporter Kate Addie, or Chief Inspector Max Vernon from the Metropolitan Police, are alerted to this unusual situation and potential for huge catastrophe.
Authorities receive a phone call from Salim requesting the release of 91 Arab prisoners who are detained in Iran, otherwise they will kill a hostage at a specific time if their request is not met. On the second day, Max negotiates with Salim via the phone, saying Max will help him achieve his goal without the need for bloodshed or violence. Moreover, Max manages to secure the release of a hostage from Salim because he is sick, but he maintains his claim that he will start killing the hostages.
After Max takes food to the terrorists, Salim talks to him and asks two days to receive two buses to go to Heathrow Airport. On the third and fourth day, Salim calls back and asks to speak with the ambassador. Salim’s right hand, Faisal, takes one of the hostages to kill him and show the world that I’m not kidding. Even so, the Arab authorities refuse to take part in the negotiations.

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