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A Gentleman

Gaurav Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) lives in Miami and wishes to conquer his girlfriend and girlfriend, Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), but she prefers more adventurous and willing men to take risks. Meanwhile, a clandestine spy named Rishi Purohit (Sidharth Malhotra) is trying to extract some crucial substances from China’s embassy in Bangkok. However, when another spy named Yakub (Darshan Kumaar) kills an innocent civilian, Rishi is very upset.
However, he returns to Mumbai where he shows that he is working for Unit X, a spy organization headed by Colonel Vijay Saxena (Suniel Shetty). Rishi explains to Vijay that he can not continue with such a routine and that he wants to start a new life. Colonel Vijay asks him to help him with a last mission, and this involves spying on a minister who Vijay claims to be corrupt and wishes to blackmail him.
Rishi will have to copy some data from his cell phone into a hard drive and give it to Vijay. But Rishi does not save that content, and Vijay, believing that Rishi is useless, orders Yakub to kill him. Even so, Rishi feels the danger and manages to take their plan and disappear. Meanwhile, Gaurav tries to come out with Kavya at a meeting and knows the girl’s parents who would like the two to marry. Rishi decides to go over and try to take over the identity of another person to start a new life.

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