A Ghost Story

C (Casey Affleck) is a musician who strives to make a career in this industry and lives with his wife, M (Rooney Mara), in a small house in Dallas / Fort Worth, America. One night, they hear a very powerful noise coming from their piano, but they fail to identify the source of this noise. Sometime later, C is killed in a car accident just outside his house. At the morgue, he wakes up in the form of a ghost covered with a sheet that has two black holes in the eyes.
As he wanders without any particular direction through the hospital and can not be seen by anyone around him, he reaches the end of a hallway and sees a door from which a dazzling light comes. C’s ghost leaves the hospital and returns to his home, observing his wife who laments the loss suffered. He continues to observe it for several days and even weeks, which it seems to be only a few seconds. Eventually, he meets another ghost in his neighbor’s home.
Without speaking, the ghost tells him that he is waiting for someone, but he does not exactly remember who. One night, C’s ghost sees M come home with a new boyfriend. Angry, he starts to do some paranormal things to scare them. Later, M decides to move from that house, but before she does, she leaves a note behind. Although he has the impression that only a few minutes have passed, the reality is that it has been several months before a mother moves with her children to the house.

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