A Rainy Day in New York

When the university newspaper offers Ashleigh the opportunity to interview film director Roland Pollard in Manhattan, she and her boyfriend Gatsby see the opportunity to enjoy an idyllic weekend in which he, of New York origin, shows him his Favorite places in the city. However, the sun will give way to rain and the couple will be separated by a series of circumstances. She will meet personalities from the big screen, and he will meet a girl from his past. In his nth walk through the streets of Manhattan, the Oscar-winning Woody Allen (Wonder Wheel) composes an optimistic tribute, in comedy key, to the romantic Hollywood classics. With identity as the main theme, both in regard to finding oneself, and to show the true self to others, Rainy Day in New York follows the adventures of a couple who, after being separated by a series of circumstances, Experience a momentous and revealing weekend. What promised to be an idyllic getaway of two lovers of wealthy families (a New Yorker and another from Arizona) will end up becoming two trips: one to the bowels of the film industry for her, and another to old and new emotions of the past for him. Topics as recurrent in Allen’s filmography as sentimental and family relationships or creative crises coexist with a reflection on the relentless dictatorship of time. Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet (Beautiful Boy) and Elle Fanning (Seduction) lead the cast under the captivating and gray print of a rainy Big Apple. They are accompanied by Selena Gomez (The Dead Do Not Die), Liev Schreiber (The Fifth Wave) and the candidate for an award from the Jude Law Academy (Captain Marvel), among others.

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