A Shaun the Sheep Movie-Farmageddon

When Lu-La, a naughty alien, lands near the Mossy Bottom farm, the Shaun sheep sees the opportunity to live an intergalactic adventure. However, helping her new friend find her missing ship and returning home will not be an easy mission, as Red, an agent of a government organization that wants to prove the existence of alien life, and her bully squad follow closely. . To give them a corner, they will resort to Shaun’s impudence and Lu-La’s powers. Almost 25 years light this nice sheep that, short films, television series, a successful first feature film (The Shaun Sheep: The Movie) and even theme parks through, has become, together with Wallace and Gromit, the great emblem of Aardman . The charm and absurd humor typical of this house founded in 1972 is combined in Sheep Shaun. The movie: Granjaguedon with a spirit of adventure and wonder that reminds of E.T. The alien. In an incredible journey that will take them to a place where an sheep has never arrived before (outer space), the protagonist and his friends will help a friendly alien to return home and escape from a relentless government agent. Converted into one of Aardman’s most ambitious productions, this film directed by debutants Will Becher and Richard Phelan proposes a crazy comedy for all audiences where stop motion animation with clay figures acquires the art category. Justin Fletcher and Kate Harbor give voice to these characters, while artists such as Kylie Minogue or The Vaccines interpret the songs of the soundtrack, recorded in the mythical Abbey Road studios.

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