A Simple Favor

After losing her husband and remaining a widow, Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) grows her own child and deals with a vogue about the kitchen. Because of the school she teaches her child, she marries Emily (Blake Lively), the mother of her son’s colleague. Emily is a woman dedicated to her work and the service consumes most of her time. The two are quick to make friends and tell each other different secrets.
When Emily has a crisis at work, she calls Stephanie and asks her to take care of her son because her husband is leaving for London. After two days when Emily stops telling her life, Stephanie calls Emily’s boss to ask her, and he tells him she’s in Miami. Then, Stephanie calls Emily’s husband and he tells the police. Emily was a person who did not really like taking pictures, so Emily sneaks at her job to steal a picture and use it to create a portrait for missing people.
Detective Summervile informs that Emily lied about going to Miami and hired a car. One of Stephanie’s vlog fans announces that she would have seen Emily in Michigan, and there’s a car in the vicinity of a summer camp. Later, however, things get very complicated, and when Stephanie discovers some intriguing details, she decides to try herself to untie the mystery behind her girlfriend’s disappearance.

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