A Star is Born

Jackson “Jack” Maine, a renowned country music singer who faces alcohol and drug addiction, has a concert in California. His main point of support is the manager and his big step brother Bobby. After the show, Jack goes to a bar where he watches singing Ally, a waitress and composer. Jack is amazed by the girl’s performance and the two spend the night together talking about music and other common things, while Ally tells her she would like a musical career.
Jack invites Ally to go with him at his next concert and, even if she’s reluctant at first, she accepts being encouraged by Jack. She then takes his heart to his teeth and begins to sing with him on stage. Jack then invites her to go with him in the tournament and a relationship of love begins between them. In Arizona, Ally and Jack visit a farm where Jack grew up and where his father was buried, but find it terrified that Bobby sold the land.
Outrageously and feeling betrayed, Jack hits Bobby and he gives up being a manager. Before doing that, however, Bobby confesses that he told her about the sale, but Jack was too drunk to remember. While on tour with Ally, she meets Rez, a music producer who offers her a contract with her record label. Although visibly irritated by this, Jack supports Ally in her decision to sign a Rez, but the latter starts to change Ally’s direction from country music to pop.

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