A Wrinkle in Time

Meg Murry (Storm Reid) is a normal student who, however, has problems cherishing herself and is desperate to integrate into her team. Being the face of two world-renowned physicists, Meg is a brilliant young woman in her turn and has unique talents for her age – just like her younger brother, Charles, but she still needs to be aware of them. Things complicate a lot for Meg when her beloved father disappears without a trace.

In addition to losing her father, she has a mother with a broken heart that does not give her much attention. Charles presents Meg and a classmate of celestial beings known as Who, Whatsit, and Who. They came to Earth to put their shoulders in search of their father, and together with the three little earthlings they embarked on a formidable journey. Traveling through a temporal loop, I am soon transported to fantastic world beyond any imagination where it must deal with a very strong evil. To return to Earth, Meg must look deep into her soul and accept her defects to find the power necessary to defeat the darkness that is approaching them.

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