A-X-L is an ultra-secret robotic dog that was created by the army to protect the soldiers of the future. Having this code name from the scientists who created it (meaning Attack, Exploration, and Logistics), the dog incorporates the most advanced Artificial Intelligence since that time. After an experiment goes badly, A-X-L is discovered by a gentle and good-minded proscription named Miles Hill, hiding alone and being damaged in the desert.
He finds a way to get closer to him after a certain technology is activated. Helping Miles to win the trust that is lacking so much, AXL will do its best to defend his new partner, including challenging his own creators who are in turn determined to use any method to recover it. Being aware of the A-X-L capture stake, Miles joins a very smart and resourceful girl named Sara Reyes to protect her new best friend.
Miles and Sara return home to Miles to inform his father, Chuck, about the discovery of A-X-L, but he advises the young to return the robo-dog to his creators. At the same time, Sam is back with his team and firing A-X-L with a flame thrower. Sara shoots the whole scene, and then Miles tries to save A-X-L, but they do not get on time. However, the A-X L guides the two to a location where they could be repaired.

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