After escaping from the laboratory in which he was locked, a Yeti ends up on the roof of Yi, a girl who dreams of traveling and seeing the world. Yi baptizes him as Everest and, along with his friend Jin and his cousin Peng, embark on a great adventure to reunite with his family on the highest peak in the world. Meanwhile, they will have to escape from the army of Burnish, the man who caught the creature. During this dangerous path, the boys will use all their courage to overcome many obstacles. Fifth animated film in just 2 years that approaches the myth of the yeti / bigfoot, Abominable becomes the first Dreamworks movie starring a female character. Director along with Todd Wilderman (Colleagues in the woods 2), Jill Culton (Colleagues in the woods) also writes the script of this fun film where he turns his memories of a childhood surrounded by gigantic, furry, slugs and funny dogs, as well as the love for nature that he professes since those years of camping and outdoor activities. The bond that is forged between an orphan of father with adventurous spirit and one of these snowmen, endowed with incredible magical powers, becomes the engine of a film about the value of friendship, family and respect for the nature where music, as a means of expressing emotions, acquires capital importance. Also the spectacular landscapes of this trip from the bustling Shanghai to the snowy slopes of Everest, which provide spectacular adventure ideal for all audiences. Chloe Bennett (Agents of SHIELD), Albert Tsai (Trophy Wife), Eddie Izzard (Queen Victoria and Abdul) and Sarah Paulson (Ocean’s 8), among others, are responsible for giving voice to these charming characters.

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