Melinda meets with a mechanical engineering student named Robert during her faculty, and the two begin a relationship, looking for a consolation after her mother’s death. However, after Melinda catches Robert with a certain Diana, she gets her car in her caravan and hurts herself very seriously, and following the medical procedures she is undergoing, she remains sequelae and can no longer have children. Despite the protests of her sisters, June and Brenda, Melinda then reconciles with Robert.
Many years later, Melinda gets to work for both of them because Robert is a former prisoner and can not find a job. June and Brenda are circumspect about Robert’s intentions over the generous heritage he has received from his mother. Robert makes Melinda plot with the house so he can get the funds needed to develop a prototype of a battery he conceives and hopes to sell to a capitalist named Prescott.
Diana, being now Prescott’s assistant, arranges for the two to meet to discuss the deal. After finding Diane’s wallet in Robert’s truck, June and Brenda tell Melinda that Robert misplaced her. Prescott gives him 800,000 dollars for battery design, but Robert refuses, wanting more rights for his invention. Melinda gets angry and goes to divorce, and after a while Robert begins a relationship with Diana and receives a million dollar bid for invention, making Melinda obsessed with Diana’s living the life she was supposed to live she.

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