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Acts of Vengeance

Frank Valera (Antonio Banderas) is a very strong defense lawyer who lives with his wife and daughter, but unfortunately Frank does not spend much time in their company. Most of his time is spent at the office and then because of the very difficult traffic Frank does not manage to get on time to attend his daughter’s show. His remorse turns into anxiety when neither his wife nor daughter goes home at night.
Later, he is approached by the police, which leads him to identify their bodies, they are a victim of a mysterious murderer who does not seem to have attempted to steal anything, and the police are unable to find any clue that leads them a suspect. Frank’s life is doing the pieces right now, and one afternoon he gets to a bar that hosts some illegal fights in the cage. Beating, he enters an altercation and chooses with a beating, but somehow he considers it a penance, so he turns back and forth to take his “dose” of pain.
Eventually, he is rescued by a policeman in his free time, Strode. Finally, he decides that the beating is enough and it is time to cause some pain. As a result, he drops out of work and focuses on learning combat techniques and finds him / her responsible for the death of the most dear beings in his life.

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