Ad Astra

The Earth undergoes a series of cataclysms caused by radioactive explosions. Everything indicates that the cause may be related to a ship that was sent to Neptune in search of extraterrestrial life and that disappeared almost twenty years ago. One of those crew members was Roy’s father, an astronaut who has not yet overcome that loss and will be sent on a dangerous mission through the stars to discover the truth behind a threat that endangers all humanity. The novel The Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad; his apocryphal adaptation to the cinema (Apocalypse Now) and the disturbing reflections of the Nobel Prize in physics Enrico Fermi served James Gray (Z, the lost city) to bring this space epic to life. One of the recurring themes in his filmography, paternal filial relations, acquires a capital importance in this transformative journey through the stars where a son, still traumatized by the loss of his father years ago, is willing to cross the galaxy with such to rescue him. Hidden secrets, action, moments of intimacy or existential reflections coexist in Ad Astra, a film that, unlike other exponents of the genre, poses a future in which humanity discovers that it is alone in the universe. Brad Pitt (Once upon a time in Hollywood) confirms his return to the elite with this film, applauded at the Venice Film Festival, which stands out for its impressive visual section and the proven scientific base provided by NASA and other space agencies. Complete the cast Liv Tyler (A friend for Frank), Oscar-nominated Ruth Negga (Loving), Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2) and Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones (Jason Bourne ), among others.

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