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All About the Money

Somewhere in 1989, three good friends planned their future. They return a lost cat to a lady in the neighborhood for a $ 40 reward, but the reality is that they captured the cat to get the reward. 30 years later, Vince sells door-to-door vacuum cleaners and lives with Chris, sleeping on his couch. Chris, on the other hand, works at a car workshop and his wife comes to work to ask him to sign the divorce papers.
He tells him he will sign the papers only if her new boyfriend, a boy of ready money, will pay him a certain amount in exchange for his signature. Eventually, Chris also gives up his resignation from work. Kurt works for his wife’s wealthy father and is very excited and fearful about a presentation he has to take. He destroys that presentation and for this reason is fired, and then has a nervous breakdown.
All three friends remain out of work and have to find a way to earn money. Vince finds a newspaper article that offers a $ 25 million reward to someone who catches a major drug dealer. Using Kurt’s wife’s credit card, they buy South American flight tickets and land in Colombia that they think is actually Mexico. Kurt likes his life as a drug dealer, but he’s captured by Diego who wants to kill him.

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