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All the Money in the World

In 1973, young Paul, the nephew of a petroleum industry mogul who at that time was the richest citizen in the world, is kidnapped in Rome by some criminals. They demand a $ 17 million redemption. Paul’s parents divorced two years ago because of his father’s drug addiction, and his mother gave up any goods he could have in exchange for full custody of the boy. As a consequence, she has no money to pay the ransom.
She goes to the former father-in-law to ask for redeeming money, but she refuses to claim that this would encourage other kidnappings of family members. The media immediately begins to talk about the subject, many believing that the woman is also very rich and accuses her of not wanting to pay. Meanwhile, those in the Paul family from the father arrange for a former CIA agent to handle the case and recover the boy.
Paul is held hostage in an isolated location in Italy. At first, his kidnappers, especially Cinquanta, are tolerant with him because he is quiet and obeys the requirements without causing any problems. However, things are getting tense as the weeks continue to pass and the ransom is not paid for a much longer period than they expected. Among the kidnappers, arguments arise about a possible move of Paul to another location due to the proximity of winter and their hiding place is not suitable in cold conditions.

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