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The story begins with a hostage-taking negotiator named Gretchen (Denise Richards) who ignores a direct order during a very tense situation, and for this reason she is relegated to the office work she’s going to do in Washington. While on a plane with that destination she sits on her first-class seat, and next to her is a British accent named Terry (Kirk Barker) who starts a conversation that turns into flirtation.
The latter, however, becomes visibly anxious and tense when he notices that there are several passengers in the plane that he would not have wanted; Sharpe (Dolph Lundgren), Rawbones (Chuck Liddell) and Sadie (Grammer), the latter eventually becoming his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Terry and the three characters were collaborators in a big robbery, and Terry betrayed them all and ran off with jewels.
The three are now in his footsteps seeking both revenge on him for treason, but also the goods he stole from them when he fled. The jail was a very fruitful one because Terry allows him to offer Gretchen no less than $ 50 million if he can protect him and save his life on this plane. Although Gretchen does not believe it at first, things change when they discover the body of an aviation staff.

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