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American Assassin

Mitch Rapp and his girlfriend are on a vacation in Ibiza, Spain, when a circle of radical jihadi Islamists blow up the beach and start firing with siege rifles. During this carnage, Rapp desperately tries to find her lover to defend her but fails to prevent her death from the hands of the terrorists. A year and a half later, Rapp is still consumed by the desire for vengeance, and he visits some Jihadists’ websites responsible for the death of his beloved.
After passing questions about Islam or jihad in his attempt to infiltrate terrorist circles, Rapp succeeds in gaining access to a face-to-face meeting that will be decisive in co-opting or not in the ranks of terrorists. Rapp is preparing to take revenge on the man who murdered his girlfriend, but before he can do it, the terrorist cell is being attacked by the American Special Forces.
Angry at the perception of being refused revenge, Rapp stabbed him on the terrorist several times before he was taken up by the American forces. In a CIA conspiratorial house, Rapp is subjected to 30 days of interrogation and once agents clarify that Rapp is not a terrorist, he receives from the Deputy Director of the organization, Irene Kennedy, the opportunity to become an agent for operations secrets within the CIA. This unit is called Orion and is run by Stan Hurley, a former Marine and Cold War veteran, who will be in charge of training Rapp and other potential recruits.

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