Angel Has Fallen

Being the hero in the attacks in the White House and London has served Mike Banning to achieve a privileged position in the protection of his successor and former Vice President Allan Trumbull. However, when he is in a coma after an assassination attempt, Mike becomes the main suspect of having orchestrated the attack. Become the most wanted fugitive in the country, Banning will have to clear his name by finding the real terrorists and stopping his dangerous plans. For the third time, the Secret Service agent incarnated by Gerard Butler (Hunter Killer) returns to life in a pyrotechnic race against the clock to protect the President of the United States. However, in Objective: Washington D.C. things are very different: now the leader of the free world is the winner of the Oscar Morgan Freeman (Now you see me … and the character of Butler, one of the most charismatic of his filmography, is going to have to solve this new crisis alone and on the opposite side of the law. With these wicks, the third installment of this saga, which began with Objective: The White House and moved to a next level in Objective: London, proposes a new show of persecutions, explosions, shootings and Old-school fights led by Ric Roman Waugh (The Messenger) While trying to solve an intricate large-scale conspiracy that threatens the country and his own family, the protagonist, become the number one public enemy, will have to escape the relentless persecution of the authorities The film proposes a frantic action thriller from the first scene that, in its few moments of respite, reveals other unprecedented facets of the hero, along with Butler and Freeman, complete He cast Oscar nominee Nick Nolte (A Walk in the Woods), Jada Pinkett Smith (Girls Plan) and Danny Huston (Game Night), among others.

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