Overnight, Anna Poliatova goes from selling matrioshkas to parading in Paris as a top model. But as if it were those Russian dolls, under Anna’s beauty there is much more. Endowed with incredible strength and agility, enhanced by a Spartan military training, this young woman has become one of the most feared government murderers in the world. In the Cold War spy game, the lethal and chameleonic Anna will stop being a pawn to follow her own rules. Creator of some of the best action heroines of the seventh art, from Nikita to Lucy, Luc Besson adds a new character to his constellation of women of arms take in Anna, a return to the origins where he tells the adventures of the deadliest government killer of the planet Set in the Cold War times, the film places its protagonist at the center of a tense confrontation between the US. and the USSR, while discussing between two lovers of opposite sides, loyalty to their mentors and their forbidden dreams of true freedom. Intrigue, unexpected twists and spectacular scenes of gunfights and melee fights make up an explosive cocktail in this spy thriller that houses some reflection on the prevailing distrust in today’s society. Sasha Luss, who debuted at the hands of Besson in Valerian and the city of a thousand planets, plays the protagonist of this film that takes place in different time lines and overflows femininity, eroticism and empowerment. He is accompanied by a heavyweight cast such as Oscar-winning Helen Mirren (Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw), Cillian Murphy (Dunkirk) and Luke Evans (Ma’s Basement), the latter as vertices of a high-voltage love triangle.

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