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Annabelle 2- Creation

In 1943, doll maker Samuel Mullins, along with his wife, Esther, is mourning as a result of the five-year-old daughter Annabelle. She was killed by a negligent driver who drove her over. An unknown entity, which the couple thinks is the spirit of their daughter, convinces them to transfer their essence to one of Samuel’s porcelain dolls. Things become tragic when the two realize they have attracted a demon looking for a human host.
The two take the doll and lock it in their girl’s room in a wardrobe-covered wardrobe, and then call priests to bless both the room and the whole house. Twelve years later, the two of them open the doors of the house to provide shelter to Mother Charlotte and the six little girls who stayed on the roads after the orphanage where they lived. On the first night, Janice, a tired little girl of poliomyelitis, wakes up and sneaks into the room where the doll is.
Surprisingly, the room door was left unlocked. She finds a key there with which she is able to open the closet and free herself without realizing the demon that then begins to terrorize all the girls, showing a certain interest in Janice. In the second night, the demon continues to terrorize Janice, and while trying to get rid of him, she is seriously injured when she is caught by the demon. The next day, Janice has no escape and is possessed by the demon, and her best friend is the one who observes the behavioral changes and tells Samuel.

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