Annabelle Comes Home

The renowned parapsychologists Ed and Lorraine Warren decide to put an end once and for all to the ravages caused by the Annabelle doll, a conduit used by demons to possess people. For this they enclose it in a cabinet blessed by a priest in the room in which they keep other supernatural objects. However, one night the terrifying doll will conjure up all the evil spirits of the room to achieve its new goal: to own the Warren’s young daughter, July. Annabelle returns home is the third of the films starring the demoniac doll Annabelle and the seventh installment of the horror franchise Warren File, created by director James Wan (Insidious) and based on some of the most representative cases in life The American demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren studied and fought. This time the chosen director has been the debutant Gary Dauberman, until then screenwriter of other films of the franchise as Annabelle or The Nun, but also co-writer of one of the latest hits of international terror, It. Dauberman has worked on his own screenplay and has re-told this time with Patrick Wilson (Aquaman) and Vera Farmiga (Godzilla: King of monsters) in the role of the Warren couple. They are also accompanied by McKena Grace (an exceptional gift) as Judy, Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle) as their babysitter in distress and Katie Sarife (known for series such as The Cleveland Kidnappings) as her conflicted friend Daniela.

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