In a mysterious area there is a great ecological disaster of unknown causes, and in order to understand what has happened there and what are the reasons for producing this terrible tragedy, a group of soldiers endured in heavy battles is assembled and sent to the site, also known as Zone X surnames. But besides failing to find the answers they were looking for, the whole group of soldiers remains alive only one, the rest of the people lose their lives in suspicious circumstances.

Lena is the soldier’s wife who survived the ecological disaster, and because her job is biologist, she volunteers for a new expedition to be held in Zone X. Lena is joined by an anthropologist, a psychologist, a topographer engineer and a linguist to try to understand better what happened in that place all the soldiers were killed. Once they arrive in the area, all their expectations about what might be there are overhead, because what they see is far above anything and could have imagined any of them.

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