Ant-Man and the Wasp

After receiving the chance of returning on a straight path, the thief, Scott Lang, who has become part of the Avengers in the meantime because of Hank Pym’s special suit that turns him into the Ant-Man, tries to lead a normal life as far as possible and to maintain a balance between the role of father and the superhero responsibilities. For a while he manages to do that, but things change when a new threat arises, and Hope van Dyne, along with Hank Pym, comes to him asking to start a new mission to take off revealing more secrets from the past.

But this time, the Anvil Man will no longer be alone in the mission to fight the villains, but will have a partner of hope in Hope. She managed to persuade her father to go through the trauma of his wife’s loss and allow Hope to wear the famous Viespe costume. Hank kept hiding this costume so that Hope would not be tempted to wear it and risk his life just as his wife had done in the past, but seeing her how much she wanted to take part in something important for mankind, he gave in and allowed him to go on missions, and this with Scott will be his most important mission so far.

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