Without knowing how, Verónica Henley finds herself caught between two very different realities: one, in the current age, where she is a successful African-American writer who enjoys a perfect family, respect and luxuries; the other, in the run-up to the American Civil War, where slavery continues. To survive this time of violence and terror and return to her time, Veronica must solve the complicated mystery that has led her there before it is too late.
After making a name for themselves in the world of advertising and video clips, the pairing of Christopher Renz and Gerard Bush makes the leap to the big screen with Antebellum, a supernatural thriller full of surprises that addresses the racial issue in the United States from a new perspective. United. Raymond Mansfield and Sean McKittrick, producers of hits like Let me go out or We again, sponsor a film where the civil rights of the Afro-American population become the center of a story with great doses of suspense and a modern conception of terror. After starring in Harriet’s Pursuit of Freedom, actress and singer Janelle Monáe goes back to the years before the abolition of slavery and the American Civil War to become this empowered black woman who will stand up to both the violent and brutal racism of the XIX century, as the one that still remains today. The cast is completed by Jena Malone (Nocturnal Animals), Jack Huston (The Irishman), Kiersey Clemons (Hooked to Death) and Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe (Precious), among others.

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