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In the distant future, the confrontation between oil and renewable energy conglomerates results in immense prices and revolts around the globe. In this chaos, the Auxilisun Corporation develops a special reactor that not only produces nuclear power abundantly through atomic fusion but also converts nuclear waste into clean energy. The reactor makes all other forms of energy use unnecessary, and Auxilisun’s power plants are built all over the planet, providing an inexhaustible energy for everyone at affordable prices.
A few decades later, on Christmas Day, the Auxilisun technician, Abby, goes to the company’s most important plant to repair some communications systems that have succumbed. She realizes when she gets there that she is very poorly maintained and the workers are like nonexistent. Abby notes in particular the absence of Doctors Zek and Robinson, but the latter appears later and asks Abby to identify himself, being very agitated.
He then calms down after Abby complies with the requirements, but when asked by Zek, he responds vaguely that he is somewhere outside the control panel for some checks. As Abby tries to fix the communications system and Zek is not back, she is gradually discovering more and more serious issues that affect the performance of the plant and becomes suspicious of Robinson’s strange behavior with considerable ignorance of the machines on which is supposed to support them.

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