Baby Driver

Baby is a young driver in Atlanta, Georgia, who is used as an escape driver in well-crafted robberies. While he was a child, a car accident killed his parents and left him with a severe acupuncture that he was blocking with the music he listened to. Likewise, he records daily conversations and remixes them into songs using-use vintage audio equipment. Baby works for Doc, a brilliant plundering planner, to pay for his debt because he stole a car of his.
He lives with his adoptive father, Joseph, who is deaf. After a successful robbery, Baby is informed that the next blow will be the last and with her she will have paid off her debt. Baby meets at a restaurant he’s attending with a waitress named Deborah, and the two fall in love with each other, starting a love story.
Doc’s next blow is on an armored car and works with a new team of thieves, but the problems arise when an armed veteran tries to stop them. After I run away, Doc informs Baby that the debt is now paid off. He tells him to get rid of a car with JD’s body, one of the members of the Doc team he killed because he left his gun at the scene of a murder. Baby hires courier at a pizza company and takes Debora to a restaurant where he meets Doc, and he tells him he has to take part in a robbery, threatening that if he refuses to hurt him and his loved ones his.

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