Bad Boys for Life

Although we owe Michael Bay the creation of the Two Rebel Police saga, he is responsible for closing the trilogy the tandem formed by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah. The couple of Belgian filmmakers had demonstrated some expertise for the thriller with previous films such as the action tape Image (2014), the criminal drama Black (2015) or the crazy racial comedy Gangsta (2018). Now they are responsible for bringing to fruition the two ‘timbers’ that would scare Dirty Harry: Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), condemned to understand each other more than ever before. The years have not passed in vain for either of them, but while Lowrey is committed to embracing his casual youthful past, Burnett is seriously thinking of retiring. However, a new threat arises and they will be reluctantly forced to investigate together a series of crimes that have put the neighborhood in check. The big problem? That perhaps Lowrey and Burnett are more dangerous to themselves than the villain on duty.

The premiere opera by Michael Bay, before becoming the figure behind popular classics such as Armageddon (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001) or Transformers (2007) was Two Rebel Cops (1995), foul-spoken buddy movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the cusp of their respective careers. Eight years later, Two rebel police officers II (2003) offered us a new face of the director: from a lethal weapon derivative overflowing with shots and clicks, we went on to a film of adrenalitic action and with spectacular aspirations, deployed in up to two and a half hours of footage.

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