Bad Samaritan

Using Sean’s work in a restaurant, Sean Falco and Derek Sandoval use the cars entrusted to them to rob their homes. One night, while trying to rob another client, Sean finds much more than he would have expected. He gets to the house of a wealthy named Cale Erendreich, and there he finds a woman named Kate who is kept captive. Failing to release her, Sean abandons her, but gives an anonymous phone to the police to report the situation.
When the police arrive at the scene, the agents find no evidence of a possible kidnapping of Kate, so they have nothing more to do than to leave. Then Sean contacts the FBI and gives it away. Path, meanwhile, takes Kate into a cabin away from civilization and learns that Sean knows about her kidnapping. Motivated by a desire to destroy people, Cale begins to work on a plan to destroy his life by Sean, making it both him and Derek and Sean’s parents lose their jobs.
He also beating wildly Riley Seabrook, Sean’s girlfriend, after breaking his Facebook and video camera and spoiling his relationship by posting pictures of her naked. The path then kills Derek and his family in their own house, then making it look like a crime followed by suicide, but Sean manages to take a photo of Cale and sends it to the FBI.

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