Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

In the Victorian era of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is the justifier who fears both villains and innocents. One night, Batman saves a wealthy couple from being robbed by three orphans (Dickie, Jason and Timmy) and defeating the younger Big Bill Dust. At the same time, Ivy, an orphan who became an exotic dancer, falls victim to Jack the Ripper. Crimes continue to happen night after night, and Gotham citizens get to believe that Batman and Jack are one and the same person.

Actress Selina Kyle, a protector of women in Skinner’s End, verbally attacks Gotham police officers James Gordon and Captain Bullock for failing to stop Jack. Later that night, Selina tries to turn into a bait for Jack, and her plan works at first and Jack attacks Selina, but then Batman intervenes and saves the situation. However, Jack manages to flee, and Batman asks Gordon for help.

At The Monarch Theater with his friend Havey Dent, Bruce meets with Selina and the two are friends at Dionysus Club. Bruce realizes that victims have more things in common than thought at first, and when he comes to guess who might be the next victim, he’s in a hurry to save her, but unfortunately it’s too late, and Jack has already committed the murder. At the crime scene, Bruce finds a clue that makes him think that the Ripper is a member of the high social class in Gotham.

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