In Emerald Bay, Florida, Lt. Mitch Buchannon and his rescue team, including Deputy Stephanie Holden and veteran C.J. Parker, protects beaches and bay as part of a rescue division called Baywatch. With over 500 salvation, Mitch is very fond of the community, to the discontent of a policeman named Garner Allerbee and Mitch’s Superior, Captain Thorpe. During a morning patrol, Mitch discovers some failed drugs on the shore near the Huntley Club, owned by Victoria Leeds businesswoman.
In the trials to recruit new lifeguards, three youngsters stand out: Summer Quinn surfer, an old friend of Holden, a nerd who has a passion for CJ named Ronnie, and a former Olympic swimmer by name Matt Brody, the latter being forced to do community work because of reprehensible acts. Quinn and Ronnie both pass the tests, but Brody refuses to run tests, considering his fame is enough to be accepted into the team.
As Brody begins his training under Mitch’s command, it becomes increasingly obvious that Brody is starting to get attached to Quinn. The team is called on a mission when a private yacht takes fire, and Brody does not listen to the orders received and sinks under the flames and is almost drowning, and he is in turn rescued by Holden and CJ. Most yacht passengers are saved, but the exception is a person who is later identified as an official of the city.

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