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Beatriz at Dinner

Beatriz (Salma Hayek) is a masseuse going to the home of a clientele, Kathy (Conntie Britton), to make a massage before attending a party. When she finishes and wants to go home, her car stops in any way. She tells Kathy he’s going to fix a friend after he leaves the office. Kathy invites Beatriz to stay for the party she organizes a little later.
Kathy’s husband, Grant (David Warshofsky), is not very pleased with the idea that their guests are very important, and during this time, he hopes to link some good business connections, but eventually accepts the idea. The first guests are Shannon (ChloĆ« Sevigny) and Alex (Jay Duplass), and they talk about how much money they will make due to their business. Beatriz explores the house, meets them and presents himself.
After presenting her to the other guests, Kathy tells them how the two met, and after a while Beatriz finds out that her boyfriend will not be able to repair her until the next morning. Kathy tells her that if she wants she can stay with her overnight. One of the guests, however, Doung, confuses Beatriz with one of the housekeepers, and she is embarrassed. Later, Beatriz begins to talk about her life and the way she had to immigrate from Mexico to her youth.

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