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A panicked mother named Malorie informs her two children, a little girl and a boy, that they will have to flee home on a dangerous boat ride on the river. She binds the two children to the eye with a façade and tells them that the face depends on their life and must not in any way take her off the eye. This chaos began five years ago when Malorie was pregnant and witnessed a tragic event.
She talks with her sister about a report that there is a chaos in Europe where people lose their minds and commit suicide in the mass. Malorie does not take this news into thinking it’s going away from her, but while she’s at the doctor’s eye she sees the consequences of this epidemic, and her own city gets plunged into chaos, and many people take their lives irrationally and without reasons.
As she tries to escape from this city with her sister’s car, her sister even sees something so frightening that she’s doing an intentional accident to commit suicide. Wounded and frightened by what happened, Malorie tries to understand what’s going on. When she meets a group of survivors, she finds out that the reason why people lose their minds in this way could be such a terrible entity that its simple view makes people stop knowing about them and want to is killed.

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