In the early 1970s, Ron Stallworth was employed by the Colorado Police Department of Sprins and became the first black detective in the history of the department. Designed only for office work, he faces more prejudices and racial remarks. After demanding to be distributed to undercover work, he is forced to infiltrate a local rally where the leader of the civil rights movement, Kwame Ture, holds a speech in front of the crowd. At the rally, Stallworth meets with Patrice Dumas, president of Colorado University Color Association.
While Patrice takes him to his hotel, she is stopped by patrol officer Andy Landers, a racist officer in Stallworth’s district, who threatens Ture and sexually assails Patrice. After the rally, Stallworth is brought back to work. When he reads in a newspaper about a local group of the famous Ku Klux Klan network, he decides to go undercover on their network.
At first he sounds like a radical radical to talk to Walter Breachway, chairman of the Colorado Springs Division. Stallworth then recruits his Jewish colleague, Flip Zimmerman, to claim Stallworth and then meet with the Klan members. Zimmerman meets with Walter, the fool Felix Kendrickson and Ivanhoe, who talks about a potential attack on him. After a while, clan members begin to suspect Zimmerman to be a Jew and threaten his weapon to undergo a polygraph test.

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