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Blade of the Immortal

Manji is a samurai who tries to hide after he has killed his corrupt lord and bodyguards, including his sister’s husband, Machi, who has lost his mind because of the pain he has produced. Shortly thereafter, Manji meets an 800-year-old monk named Yaobikuni before his sister becomes a hostage to a group of rebels who want the reward on Manji’s head.
In response to the fact that the group leader killed her sister even if Manji had accepted to surrender, Manji killed each member of the group before he collapsed as a result of the injuries suffered, but Yaobikuni implanted them with “sacrificial parasites” body. 52 years later, now becoming an immortal who never ages, Manji is approached by Rin Asano who asks him to help him revenge her father’s death, Kurose.
Although initially Manji refuses to get involved, he changes when Rin is attacked by a member of the Itto-Ryu group, Sabato Kuroi. The news of Sabato’s death reaches Kagehisa after contact between Itto-Ryu and Kagimura Habaki for a place in the dictatorship, which sends Taito Magatsu to deal with Rhine and his bodyguard. Magatsu is defeated, but his life is spared and reveals Manji’s immortality to the other members of Itto-Ryu. Later, Manji meets a member of Itto-Ryu who is about to kill him with the help of a rare poison.

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