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Blade Runner 2049

In 2049, people modified by bioengineering means called Replicants were integrated into society as servants and slaves. K, a new replica created to obey, works as a “reward hunter” for LAPD, hunting and dragging older lines of replicas. Personal life spends with his holographic girlfriend Thursday, an artificial intelligence produced by Wallace Corporation. K’s investigation of an ever-growing replicating liberation movement leads him to a farm where he retires the old replicate Sapper Morton.
He also finds a box inside the remains of a replicating woman deceased following complications during a cesarean. K finds this as disturbing because it was believed that replication tasks are impossible. Ki ordered him to destroy all the evidence on this case and to “withdraw” the child because it is believed that if the replicants knew that they could reproduce then a war is imminent.
K, troubled by the requirement, goes to founder of Wallace Corporation, Niander Wallace, and he identifies that body as Rachel’s, an experimental replicator. During this time, he learns about her romantic ties with a legendary former reward hunter named Rick Deckard. Believing that replication reproduction can help him in his plans, but unable to do it by himself because of his lack of technology, Wallace sends his own bounty hunter to steal Rachel’s remains and watch K for find the baby.

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