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Bleeding Steel

Hospital doctors call Special Agent Lin Dong (Jackie Chan) to inform him that his daughter, Xixi (who suffers from leukemia), is in a critical state of affairs. He hurries to get to the hospital as soon as he has a plush bear in his back seat. On the way, Xiao Su’s (Erica Xia-hou) service colleague calls him to tell her that a very important witness for a case he’s working on is in great danger.
Agent Lin stops firmly in front of the hospital, thinks for a short period of time, and then returns to protect the witness, Dr. James. Dr. James injects himself a chemical substance stored in an artificial heart just before the police get busy to take him to custody. They are then attacked by a black man and almost the whole team is killed. Meanwhile, Xixi dies on the hospital bed.
Xiao Su manages to protect Dr. James and save him alive, while Lin Dong neutralizes Andrew using a tank of oil he throws into the air. The events then pass 13 years later when a writer publishes a book titled “Bleeding Steel,” and has an American Marine Corps with an artificial heart. Subsequently, a mysterious person visits the writer and, after drugging him, asks him to know where he was inspired for the book.

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