Collin Hodgkins (Daveed Diggs) is a man who has been convicted of some of the illegal acts he has committed, and is now striving to go through the three remaining days of judicial oversight. Collin has a good friend since childhood, Miles (Rafael Casal), who is a little bit angry and has caused a lot of trouble in his life, now working for a shipping company in Oakland, a town in the Bay Area.
One night, while waiting for the traffic light, Collin sees how a white police officer (Ethan Embry) shoots a civilian of color. While Collin is marked by this incident he was witnessing, he begins to experience nightmares and hallucinations. Miles buys a gun from a friend claiming he wants to have it for self defense, a move that Collin does not agree with and asks his boyfriend to give up this idea because he feels it risky.
While Miles continues to show chaotic and irrational behavior, Collin’s ex-girlfriend Val (Janina Vanankar) warns him of the danger he is exposed to through his friendship with Miles. Later that evening, when they are at the table, Miles’s gun accidentally falls into the hands of his son Sean, an incident horrifying Sean’s mother Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones) forcing both Miles and Collin to leave the house. At a party, Miles enters a conflict with a black man, and between him and Collin there is also a conflict due to Miles’s problems.

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