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American tourists Jenai and Riley arrive in Iceland and visit some tourist attractions. Riley took his Rolleiflex father’s room and filmed their journey, and when Jenai asks why he prefers this kind of camera instead of modern, digital, Riley says he prefers to capture the imperfections of the moment rather than having a face that automatically corrects all errors. They go to an old church and the priest tells them something about his history, calling pre-Christian times as much simpler.
Jenai confesses her father is a priest, but says her church is not as beautiful. After retiring at night, Jenai wakes up in the middle of the night and encounters difficulties in falling asleep again. Looking out the window to admire the view, she sees a strange light in the distance. A few hours later, Riley wakes up Jenai to have breakfast, and the two are frustrated to discover that the motel does not serve breakfast, and then they are confused when they do not find any staff member.
They continue to have difficulty finding other people after they go out; the streets are empty, the shops are the same, and no one responds to their cries. They noticed a car running and, failing to see the owner, approached her. As she discusses the possible reasons why the city is empty, Jenai repeatedly tries to contact her family in America, but with no success. Electricity and running water are still functional, but TV stations only transmit test signals.

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