Live the spree of their lives. That is the goal of two great and brilliant friends who the day before graduating from high school realize that they have dedicated so much to study that they have forgotten to have fun. After reaching this sad conclusion they decide to get down to work before going to university and live four years of fun concentrated in one night. A single evening whose purpose is to compensate for all the sacrifices that both have made in the name of their academic future. Super nerds is a fresh and intelligent film that goes beyond the typical youth comedy and incorporates a modern and feminist perspective. An ode to friendship, youth and, of course, parties, directed by actress Olivia Wilde (Like life itself), which is first put behind the cameras. The film stars Beanie Feldstein (Damn Neighbors 2) and Kaitlyn Dever (Beautiful Boy. You will always be my son), a leading duo consisting of two young talents from the world of acting that put themselves in the shoes of two girls who are point of finishing his studies at the institute. The two friends, intelligent students, realize that they have spent too much time between books and notes and that they have enjoyed little of this wonderful stage of life. Therefore, to celebrate their graduation they decide to take a crazy night and recover the time lost during these four years with a super party that will go down in history. Three heavyweights of the comedy such as Jason Sudeikis (Kodachrome), Lisa Kudrow (Almost Impossible) and Will Forte (Good Guys) accompany these two young women in their adventure full of wildness and fun.

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