A timber named Joe Braven (Jason Momoa) and his father, Linden (Stephen Lang), go together to their hunting lodge somewhere in a snow-covered wilderness, hoping to spend both a quiet weekend as between father and son. But quietness is the last thing they have in there because they almost immediately end up in a situation where to escape with life they have to kill, otherwise they will be killed by a group of ruthless drug traffickers.

Linden goes through a difficult period of his life, suffering from dementia caused by an accident at work. Braun’s colleague, Weston (Brendan Fletcher), is in charge of unloading logs and then visited by a drug dealer named Hallett (Zahn McClarnon) who starts cursing Weston for not doing what he had to ask him why he did not do the right thing by bringing other drivers into the drug business.

Weston responds calmly that he does not want to involve anyone in their illegal affairs and that he just wants to take his share of money, but before he finishes what he has to say, Weston loses control of the wheel and makes an accident, scattering both logs and cocaine on the road. Hallett asks him to calm down and find a place to hide the drugs, and Weston comes up with the idea of ​​hiding them in the bungalow of his boss, Braven, with no idea that he is going to go there weekend with his father.

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