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Bullet Head

The young Gage, together with two older accomplices, named Stacy and Walker, are involved in a robbery that does not follow plans. After fleeing from the crime scene, they escape into an abandoned industrial complex where they have to calm down a bit and wait for a colleague of theirs to come and take them from there. But it becomes obvious that they are not alone in that complex; there is left to die after a series of eliminatory matches a staring and blood-thirsty fighting dog.
That dog was abandoned there by his master bettor and guarded the body of the one who dealt with his instruction. The latter had the misfortune to be around the quadruped when he succumbed to the abuses suffered. Thieving mistreaters manage to avoid the dog’s teeth hiding behind a metal door. After recovering from the shock, Gage has to sneak back to recover the drug bag left behind.
Meanwhile, a lone policeman appears to investigate a potential burglary entry. Eventually, the fugitives are delighted to discover some valuable things left behind by those who were previously there to participate in dogfights. Unfortunately for them, however, the owner of the dog is not left long awaited and wants to recover his goods, being able to kill anyone who will be in his way.

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