An aspiring young novelist by the name of Lee Jong-su performs several odd jobs in Paju. One day, he meets Shin Hae-mi, a childhood neighbor and classmate whom he does not remember at first. She tells him she has done some cosmetic operations and that is why she looks different. Later, she tells him about a trip to Africa she is about to make and asks him to feed her cat while she is gone.
Before Hae-mi leaves, Jong-su’s father, a farmer who raises livestock, goes into illegal business and Jong-su must return to the farm. After Hae-mi leaves, Jong-su goes to feed the cat every day, even though he never sees her there. He knows there is a cat out there because he finds feces in the litter. One day, Hae-me calls him and announces that he has been locked up in Nairobi airport for three days due to terrorist threats.
When he goes to get her, Jong-su discovers that Hae has met a man by the name of Ben and the two seem to understand each other very well. Jong-su is a little jealous of Ben and the relationship of the two, and at the same time tries to solve the problems in his family. However, the three of them spend more and more time together, and Ben confesses to Jong-su that he has a very strange habit of burning abandoned greenhouses every two months, and the place where his farm is. Jong-su is full of such greenhouses.

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