Lucy and her boyfriend Jose are coming out of the Bushwick subway where they see a man in the flames kicking in the station. Jose flees to see what’s going on, but he’s immediately killed by a strong explosion. Lucy goes quickly to seek help, but she gets to be followed by two men. They roam it in a house, but they are killed by Stupe, the owner of that house. Stupe, a war veteran, leaves home and tries to reach his family in Hoboken, and Lucy joins her in her attempt to reach her grandmother’s home.
By the way, Stupe gets hurt so he has to teach Lucy to give first aid and how to shoot with the gun. When I get to Lucy’s grandmother’s house, they find that she’s already dead. They run as the mercenaries infiltrate the house and try to take shelter at Belinda’s sister, Lucy’s sister.
Belinda does not realize what’s going on around them until a mercenary buzzes over them in the house. Stupey neutralizes the soldier and asks him to explain what’s happening in town. The Mercenary reveals that the Texas state seeks to separate from the rest of the United States and wants to join forces with other southern partner countries to form a militia but did not expect such resistance from the Bushwick. Stupey convinces the mercenary to tell them which is the demilitarized area, and he directs them to Grover Cleveland Park.

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