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Captain Underpants

In the Piqua, Ohio, George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch) are two fourth-class friends and neighbors who often express their sense of humor at their school, bringing joy and laughter to elementary school Jerome Horwitz. The two are often acting on teachers, especially the director Benjamin “Benny” Krupp, which makes them very unkind for him. They also conceive a series of comics about Captain Lingerie, a super hero struggling with crime, wearing only panties and a cape.
They are trying to sell these comics to their colleagues through a company called Treehouse Comix Inc., which has “headquarters” in their tree house. George and Harold’s dances end up apparently when the two commit a mistake making the director put the boys in separate classes, and thus annihilate their friendship.
To prevent this from happening, George hypnotizes Krupp with a hypnotized 3D Ring and to try to see if the trick works, he makes him behave like a hen or a monkey. Eventually, they realize that their director is somewhat like the character in their comic stripes and orders him to embody the superhero. The boys realize the seriousness of the acts committed when the Captain of Lingerie starts to cause problems in the city and take him to their headquarters to try to bring him back to normal, but that proves to be harder to do than expected.

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