Cats and Peachtopia

Nube is a cat who lives with his son Rayo in an apartment in the big city. While Nube is lazy and used to the comforts of domestic life, Rayo is a restless puppy who does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. So when he discovers the existence of a paradise called Gatopia, he decides to build a rocket to go there. After Rayo’s departure, Nube will have to overcome his fears and go in search of him. In their travels, both will face the dangers of the outside.
Over the past few years, Chinese animation cinema has become a growing industry that, title by title, is beginning to take center stage at the international box office. In this context, Cats comes to our billboard, a production with an international aroma that proposes a frenetic adventure starring two friendly felines (a lazy father and his intrepid son) who for diametrically opposite reasons will be forced to embark on a fun and dangerous journey beyond the big city. Gary Wang (The Guardian Brothers) directs this film full of humor, action and good feelings that will dazzle the little ones in the house. Overcoming one’s fears, discovering the world or filial parental love are some of the themes that this film addresses with obvious influences from recent hits such as Pets or Finding Nemo. Dermot Mulroney (The Mountain Among Us), Brittany Curran (The Magicians) or Nicole Tompkins (Terror in Amityville) lead the voice cast in their English version.

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