Childs Play

Karen is a single mother who, after moving in with her son Andy in search of a new life, wants to give her the best gift for her thirteenth birthday. That’s why he buys a doll, Chucky, the latest technology cry. However, they will soon be followed by macabre deaths that will confuse the police. When the true nature of Chucky comes to light, Andy and Karen will have to fight to save their lives and prove that the culprit of all is this evil plastic creature. Beyond updating the visual aspect of the horror classic of the 80s, Diabolic Doll (Child’s Play) resuscitated for the new generations in a film that renews all the mythology of the character and turns it into a toy endowed with an artificial intelligence without limits for learning or violence. Thus, the black magic that gave life to this miniature psychopath leaves its place to the world of hypercomputing and the interconnection of devices in a tape that, however, respects the hallmarks of the franchise, such as black humor , the considerable doses of blood and viscera, a varied repertoire of deaths and victims and, again, the final confrontation between a child and his macabre birthday gift. Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) is in charge of directing this film where Aubrey Plaza (Mike and Dave look for serious roll) and the young, but experienced, Gabriel Bateman (Never turn off the light) will have to survive this Chucky 2.0 with the voice of Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Last Jedi). Rounding out the cast are Brian Tyree Henry (The Blues of Beale Street) and Tim Matheson (The Affair), among others.

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